Monday, October 28, 2013

The Rebutal

If I read one more time what it is like being 20 something and single, I might SCREAM.

It makes me feel guilty for getting married in a few months at the age of 22.

Either I'm pissing off the people who are older than me and single or I'm getting criticized for being too young.

These articles preach living in the moment, finding the best guy for you and why you're not married at 25 or that I've given on finding anyone and that I'm trying to find myself first. GEESH.

You know what. I am confident in who I am. In this moment, I have found the most imperfect, perfect human being for me. The reason why I am getting married is not because he completes me or because I can finally start living. I am getting married because he is my best friend and I can't possibly live 18 hours away from. That life is an adventure and every single adventure I want to share with him. I am a complete person and so is he. Together we are a great team.

I have no list filled with looks, specific personalities, or expectations. I had one thing. That he and I believed the same things and valued the same things. Did I think it was going to be a rough, bearded drummer? No. But I'm glad it is.

I'm not the best person to ask for dating advice since well I've only dated one guy nor do I know the hardships of the real dating game but I do know that at this moment, I am 22 and loving the choices I have made.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Road Trip with Dinosaurs

I am officially glad to say that I have made friends in Texas.

Today my friends and I escaped from Waco and road tripped to Glen Rose, TX which is about an hour way. Now you probably don't know anything about Glen Rose. Well ladies and gentlemen, Glen Rose is the Dinosaur capital of the world. Yes, I said Dinosaur.

While we were in Glen Rose, we browsed a few stores and I was able to pick up this new teacup.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Inspiration

The signs of Fall are emerging: all things pumpkin on pinterest, football, and the sun setting ever so slightly earlier. Unfortunately, since I have moved to Texas I feel like cooler weather will never return.

In my free time away from textbooks and smelly football players, I like to window shop online. For fall I want to want to get a gingham shirt and tan, heeled boots thanks to this lovely lady and this post. (The part of me that is practical and trying to be more adult says to buy a blazer also but I don't know if I'm up for that yet.)

I also found this super simple and cute DIY over here. I think I could even afford to do this on my graduate student budget. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Apartment

One of the funniest parts about moving is picking out a few new pieces for your new home.

Since I have moved to Waco, here are a few pieces that I have picked up at a few local spots.

Antique Anatomy Pictures

Teal Hexagon side table

A Painter's tray used as jewelry storage

The cool thing about this piece is that it has helped me rediscover older jewelry that I stopped wearing. 

The Changes Continue


Since my last post, I have graduated college.
I have moved 1,100 miles away from everything I've known my entire life. 
I miss the real South.
I bought a wedding dress. 
I have started a real job that requires actual brain power. 
In two weeks, I start graduate school. 
It has been a roller coaster ride. 
I have loved every minute of it.
I have feared every minute of it.
I have learned a ton in two weeks. 
I am missing the boy increasing much. 

Friday, March 29, 2013


I started this blog as a a freshman in college. Now, I am a graduating senior in less than two months. I have registered for my certifying exam and have started to apply for grad school and jobs. I got engaged a couple of weeks ago to a fantastic boy and my parents are moving to Florida in the coming months. Things are definitely on the move. I am excited for the new changes but they don't come without their fears.