Monday, October 15, 2012

Road Trip 1: The Crazy Cousin Tour

This road trip with my Aunt Dianne and I has been planned for a while. At first, it was to go see Kristina in Nashville while she was at a dig around July 4th, but it had to be put off do to the lovely fact the knee surgery had to occur. (It was the younger one of the two of us. Go figure.) We started to aim towards the end of summer with our eyes focused on Philadelphia but it was determined that it would be to difficult for the individual who had an improperly functioning knee. Then, we had the brilliant idea about going during my fall break. As the time drew nearer to the actual departure, the group going slowly got smaller and work and moving and life got in the way but Aunt Dianne and I held firm and rerouted again. This time the title was set, The Crazy Cousin Tour. The route started in Pamplico, SC. We headed South stopping in Savannah for a visit then spending the night in Jacksonville, FL. Next we headed to the Gulf of Mexico (so I could see it) and then continued to our resting spot in Prattville, AL. The next morning we left for Asheville, NC but actually ended up in Maggie Valley, NC. Finally, we drove back to Rock Hill today. This four day trip totaled 1,500 miles, 6 states (4 of which we stayed in), two coasts, and the mountains. Needless to say, our tushes are mush.

More is to come.