Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Fitness's Witness

Anyone who knows me knows that I like fitness. I like health. I like sports. Shoot. I'm going to school for it but no one really know WHY.

Yes I love sports. I love the competition. The inner strength you fill when you achieve something. The pride of success. Sports are fun. Your teammates memorable. I especially love the competition.

I work out because of the strength I feel. I love seeing how I improve and the goals I can reach. I release stress.

But sports are demanding.

And some days you just don't want to work out.

And I've realized that's ok.

I am no longer a collegiate athlete but I still love the game. Now, my competitive drive is against myself. Who do I want to be in life? What are my new goals?

I don't work out everyday now and I am still decently pleased with myself.

I have come to terms that this body will never be a size zero. I love food, family, and fellowship too much. Fitness is now about being healthy.

I saw my grandmother pass away this summer from failing health. I NEVER want to be like that. That's why I work out. I workout to preserve my health to keep going just a little longer. I do it because I enjoy it. I no longer fret about long hours and stressful days. I'm doing a relaxed version of me and I like it.

This girl is the inspiration for this post. Her story is beautiful.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Long Hair. Don't Care.

I've always loved long hair. There was one time as a little kid I had really long hair but it was eventually cut off. So since then my hair has pretty much been between medium length and kinda long but I have been playing with the idea of letting it grow. Here are some of my inspirations.

Shout out to the best friend whose hair is PERFECT! You go Kim Stauffer :)

Stefanie Hiebert at the blog and shop Oh So Lovely Vintage has beautiful dark locks.

Yay for long hair and braids! Refer to these posts (12)  for my love braids.

Her hair is beautiful but I would say this might be too long. The color though is superb!