Sunday, October 9, 2011

Time For An Update

As I sit here sipping my pumpkin latte, I figure I should probably give an update or two. First off, I would like to wish my little sister happy birthday. Her birthday was yesterday and she turned 10. Unfortunately, I did not make it home. She celebrated with a slumber party, the usual celebration when you reach the monumental double digits in our family. I called my mom earlier and she seemed stressed about talking about yesterday. My little sister and her friends must have done something right :)

It is mid-semester and school is doing a decent job of kicking my butt but I am doing a pretty good job of staging a counterattack. Friday begins the beginning of Fall Break and I'll be going home to work, the usual.

My best friend Kim came and stayed with me yesterday. There was shopping and eating and movie watching that happened. Best friend R and R is always the best. 

Finally, go enjoy the fall weather and grab your own latte. Bake some cookies for someone and build a bonfire. This is what the fall is for. 

Emski :)

P.S. I've reached over a 1,000 views. Thanks guys for reading. You're the bestest!

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