Saturday, September 17, 2011


I was going to save this post for next week because it would then officially be fall (how cute) but the weather has been so fall like, I got excited. I also could possibly be avoiding homework by writing this post and watching football...

Here are some pictures that I have been looking at for fall inspiration.

Yum. The 70's.

I bought a cream, fringe cardi from Forever 21 the other day. I'm waiting for the perfect moment to wear it.  

The Gingham shirt paired with a sweater.

I inadvertently got two pictures of  similar styles and shirts. This just proves my point that I really like this look. 


Since Martin is a lumberjack (you should see his beard now), I guess I have to be partial to plaid. Not only it this a super cute picture but I loveee all the PLAID.

Cardigan and jeans.

This look is my go to. If I am not in workout clothes, I am probably in a cardigan and jeans with either sanuks or moccasins. That is how I roll.

Tights? Check! Cardigan? Check! Boots? Check!

That, my friends, is the ultimate fall outfit.

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  1. i want all of these outfits (and the bodies they come in)...that last white dress is amazing. i love how it's summery and fall all at the same time!