Saturday, June 25, 2011

Railroad junction

Today, since I worked in the morning and didn't have anything else to I decided to go in search of the pop-up shops in downtown. You see, Florence is trying to revitalize the downtown area so they held a contest for people to submit store ideas. The winners (there were 2) got three months of free rent with the options of making a deal with the landlord at the end of the three months. The shop idea winners were Railroad Junction and Hapi Balance. Hapi Balance holds a variety of fitness classes like zumba and yoga. The other, Railroad Junction, is a vintage shop with books and coffee and clothes and locally made stuff. Since, I like the later type of store I decided to go look. It is a really neat place with fun things. I really like it and will definitely be visiting again (after my next paycheck of course). They also have awesome events throughout the summer and are always looking for new ideas. Anyway, while I was there I had to buy a few things. I had to support a local business not to mention my own needs, right?

So I bought two books and a book mark

And a super cute plaid 3/4 length sleeved shirt

While we are taking pictures of clothing, look at my m&m shirt my mom got me yesterday!

Not to mention it matches my CRAZZZYY blue nails.


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