Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Arm Party

Occasionally, I blog stalk and follow people. Actually, it's more like everyday but details aren't important. My bestie Kim follows one called "The Man Repeller" so I decided to follow it too. The writer is funny and witty. She takes high fashion and wears it the way she wants (the way that most guys would not be attracted to). We mean a LOT of layers. The other day she did a post about what she so loving calls her arm party aka her extensive collection of bracelets and rings and if you look through her blog more it also describes her neck.  Anyway, Man Repeller, I was rocking the arm party back in like 6th and 7th grade. I did it then because the trend was those jelly bracelets that had "other" meanings if you so correctly remember.

I wanted them but my mom wouldn't let me have them so I started wearing multiple upon multiple bracelets. Anyway, it seems that wearing a whole lot of bracelets is a trend this year. Therefore, I am going to start wearing multiple bracelets again not because of the trend but because well, I miss it. Even if it isn't a true trend and I'm making that up, Man Repeller has inspired me to do otherwise. Although I won't be including Hermes and DANNIJO bracelets, I can fun with the ones I have and are on the look out for. I've even started back my friendship bracelet making. We will see if this is a continued thing or not.


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