Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nerds Unite

I am a self proclaimed nerd. Just ask my roommate Sarah or my boyfriend Martin. I take pride in raddling off muscle names and speaking in athletic training lingo. To celebrate nerds here are a few of history's finest!

Do the Urkel

But here's the real reason why I am writing this post. Look at these awesome covers for these books!!
This woman Coralie Bickford-Smith is cover designer at Penguin Books and she has designed these fantastic covers for these literary classics. The above are the F.Scott Fitzgerald collection. Below is one set of the classic literature she has done and the final set is a cooking set that she has done. What's cool about these cookbooks is that the background is based off the china that was produced during the same era the book was written. 

Go check her out and look at all the covers. They are completely legit. I see some new books in my futureeee.

Peace, Love, Nerds


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