Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trustworthy Shoes

As you probably have noticed, I have changed up my page a little bit. It is nothing much, I just wanted to change it from being so typical and using a template. Anyway, I got the inspiration over this past week to do a post on my most trustworthy shoes. Everyone in the universe has those few pairs of shoes that you go to everyday. Those shoes that you have had forever and if they break, you will probably cry over and be heart broken. Here are a few of mine....

These were my first pair of Vans. Anyone who has worn Vans knows that you always love your first pair the most. I've had these since 10th grade and I will probably never get rid of them. Well... Maybe when I'm 90. I'm sure they will smell pretty bad by then.

A friend of mine in high school had a gold pair similar to these and I really liked them. Then one day, mom and I were at Kmart and I saw these. I begged her for them. They were the best $9 I ever had my mom spend. I got them in 9th grade and I still religiously wear them. I dread the day when they mess up because I know I will probably never find pair just like these ever again. 

Oh my moccasins. I love these things! They are super comfortable and cute. I like to wear them when I need to look nice since they are brown with black beading which means that they look good with anything. I take super good care of them and when it rains, these things don't come out but when it is a nice fall or winter day, these shoes are my go to.

I now know Rainbows are so popular. They last for a long time. I got these in 9th grade or 10th grade and I have been wearing them year around for years now. They are starting to tear up so maybe during the summer I'll get another pair. I'm not too sad about replacing them though because these have served me well and I am sure that the next pair will do just as well.

My Sanuks! I just got them this summer but they are already my favorites. They are super comfortable a go with pretty much anything. I have even converted Martin to them. He has a pair now. 

What shoes will you hold on to forever?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Fever!!

The best way to start off an awkward conversation is to talk about the weather, and my, oh, my has the weather been AWESOME!!! It has caused me to get a little bit of spring fever (I can't completely blame the weather for that since my unmotivated roommate just serenades me all day). All I want to do is be outside or lazy and alas Winthrop University does not want or allow me to be either. Anyway.... This past week has been pretty legit. Softball season started. We went 2-2 on the weekend, beat USC yesterday (at their place I might add) and are headed to UGA tomorrow. Good luck, Ladies since I won't be going. BFGD. I signed my first big girl lease for an apartment next semester. School didn't completely suck and I have gone back to my sewing roots. See what I can make!



They are drawstring bags. What I can use them for, I have no idea. As my roommate says, "half the fun is making them. The other half is figuring out what to do with them." I'm thinking that a skirt may be my next project. We will see.

One last thought... I am completely bored with my music of late. If anyone has any suggestions for new music, hit me up PLEASEE! Happy good Weather everyone! Catch ya later.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh Sweet Summertime

Tomorrow season starts!! Yippee! It's super exciting. This only means that the semester goes by faster and boy don't I want that to happen. I was looking around on other blogs and I found some fantastic pictures that made me want spring and summer to get here sooner.

Pictures from Backyard Bill (check it out it's really neat). I love her outfit especially in the second one. It'a comfy and cute with fantastic yellow socks.

Lazy Day
c/o kaylovesvintage
c/o littlecottonrabbits

c/o also by Backyard Bill
I love her dress and bright flats

c/o OSU Archives

And how can you not think about warmer weather without thinking about the Beatles??