Sunday, January 2, 2011

NEWS ALERT!! Emily Poston might actually become fashionable in 2011!

Every once and a blue moon I pick up a magazine that does not have to do with fitness or has the word ESPN in it. Today I picked up a fashion magazine or Teen Vogue. I'm not really sure how truly reliable it is but heck, it has the word VOGUE in it. Every year/ school year I make grand plans of being more stylish, wearing my hair another way except for a bun and getting out of sweats or athletic apparel more then once a week but this year I vow to stay the same because....


Yes you heard me correct. Track shorts and tennis shoes are in! Of course, I don't wear it in any truly fashionable way but I AM NO LONGER COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY FASHION ILLITERATE. This means teammates, Kim Stauffer, Heidi Dean, Laura Carrell, Mom, and any other fitness fanatic, that our look is not completely helpless. This means neon shorts, hoodies, and super snazzy sneaks which have been our best friends are now the fashion world's best friends too. This means that the outfits we wear for 6 am runs have become socially acceptable. Well, that statement is a little exaggerated but you get the point.

And for you who doubt my sources and think its too good to be true. ELLE magazine reports the same with actual runway footage. Here's the link:

In other important news...
Flats are apparently the "it" shoe for spring so this means another, (yes another. Wow! I'm ambitious today) step to me becoming fashionable. You're reading the blog of someone who hasn't worn heels since prom of senior year. Even then, I dumped them for a pair of Crocs. Horrific. I know.

In conclusion, this year I no longer need to fret about being stylish. The fashion world has finally entered my realm. Although, trends are short lived and have probably changed since I published this, I have had my fashionable moment. Not to mention that I can continue to dream that I'm a Nike model. One final plug... Since you are going to be stylish and wear fitness clothes everyday, how about actually use them. Run a little bit. Elliptical if running isn't your cup of tea but find some kind of physical activity and indulge in it. 

Later from the now semi-fashionable,

Emily Poston

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  1. emily, this is hilarious. keep it up bc i am reading :)