Sunday, January 30, 2011


Here's another fashion post. Of course I fail at everyday fashion but every once and a while there is a new little something that I want very much. Right now, I really want lockets. I want a ton of them. Why? I have no earthly idea. Martin was nice enough to follow my wishful thinking and get me a very pretty one for Christmas. I love it! Especially since it has some true sentimental value but even for all its prettiness and fantasticness, I WHAT MORE!! I am so greedy about them. I love looking at them on ebay, so small and precious, feminine and creative. You can't help thinking as a hopeless romantic about the story that such an antique may hold. Was the locket from a first love? Was it from someone's knight in shining armor? Was it a gift from a grandmother to a granddaughter or a gift from mother to daughter? Alas, living the life of a poor college student restricts my buying power. Here are some of the few that I'm currently drooling over.

Antique Fish

 The athletic trainer in me loves this one. This is an anatomically correct heart locket. When it opens, you can see all the valves and ever. HOW COOL IS THAT??! Anyone who is willing to buy it for me is more then welcome to :)

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