Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Dog Days Are Over

Today is Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday. The day after that is Saturday. Saturday I head back to Rock Hill. I have enjoyed my month of being unemployed and just reading and gymming. All I did was sleep, eat, and work off what I ate. I found out that since I have come home from college, a TV does still really exist and has not be replaced by another electronical device and is just as trashy as I remember it. Heck, there was a Jersey Shore marathon on today and I watched it. Nothing exciting happened this break. I saw family, a few friends, and Martin came to visit but thats about it. Unfortunately, my dog days are over. These dogs days were relaxing and routine and BELIEVE ME I enjoyed it but come Monday, life begins again.

MOMMMMYYYY!!!! Don't make me have to go back to school. This what I feel like:

Actually, I like school. ALOT! (weird I know) It's just that since college, school became complicated. I am super excited about this semester but I am also scared silly. Scared because my classes are going to be hard, time management is going to be tough, and frankly I've gotten use to my bum lifestyle. There's a lot on my plate this semester and I would love to wish it way. This semester tastes like the most awful vegetables your mom ever made you eat. Think Brussel Sprouts. Think Eggplant. Think about Artichokes. I mean come on! Who names a vegetable with the word choke in it?? But for all the negativity and the crappyness of this semester I am supa, duba, uba excited!!! I am excited because I see good, no EXCELLENT things for my team this season (I can see a ring in your futureee). I get to actually apply what I've learned in college this next semester in my clinical rotation, no more being a bump on a log. I am excited about where this coming semester will lead me. Where it will take me. How it will impact me. How it will inspire me. Last semester was tough, this one will be tougher but hey... maybe a challenge is what I need.

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