Sunday, January 2, 2011


Family. One of the most phenomenal words in the world. It has so many connotations. It could be good. Family, the group of people who you share a special connection with sometimes blood sometimes not. The bad connotation that means you want to have no part of their lives and you want them to just leave you alone. Many times a family is a little bit of both. Over this past weekend, I've learned to cherish both kinds of family. During Christmas, I enjoyed the togetherness of holiday season. The good food, the laughs, the blue hands, all of it. I followed up my two days of Christmas activities with a dinner with a few of my cousins. What a great time! From all these events, I have found a deeper longing to remember my family's history. Originally, I was interested in all the stuff that it would bring me, the fabulous old dishes and heirlooms, the land but now i know that to only truly appreciate these things I must also appreciate the people behind them. Because it's not the things that make a family but love. Oh how do i wish that my Aunt would take me in her truck around little 'ole Hannah, SC and tell me the stories about my heritage again so I can remember every word. Because I don't want to be the generation that lets the story die. I want to live it and add my own twist.

One Family get together at my Aunt's house. 

 The family. The love. The good. The bad. The ugly.

The Cousins :)

While going through my stuff, I found a recipe box that was my Great-Grandma Lee's. I have copies of some of her old recipes. Maybe uniting the past and the present can begin with this recipe box because every generation likes to eat....

Great-Grandma Lee's Recipe Box

"Always remember, there is nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name."
-Avett Brothers


  1. Great blog, Emily! Looking forward to keeping up w/you!!!

  2. omg em.. i just asked for a recipe box so i could get my families recipes cause i cant cook lol